Download Latest Version of Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk Anti Ban

Download free Latest Version of Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk for android. Anti Ban feature is built-in and no root needed.
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Blue Whatsapp Plus Download the latest version

The smartphones of today are often used to make phone calls and send messages. It is the global world; within a second we can convey our message on WhatsApp or any other messaging app such as Viber, Line, and WeChat among others like this one!

Nowadays, people carry smartphones with them everywhere they go. It’s an amazing device that allows you to communicate easily and quickly from anywhere in the world! Voice messages or text conversations provide a way for everyone on earth who has access (which is practically all of us) to talk face-to-face without leaving home sanctuary; it doesn’t matter if someone isn’t there physically because we can always send our message instantaneously through this form factor as well which makes Blue Whatsapp Plus such great utility app ideal not only during emergencies but also daily life activities like work meetings.

Blue whatsapp is not available on the official play store, so you would need to download Blue WhatsApp apk from the given link. The blue WhatsApp is free of cost and has no advertisements in the app.  

Whatsapp is the most used app in the world and there are many modified versions of it. One such modification called “Blue Whatsapp Plus” which allows more features than original whatsapp version, which you can download from Google Play Store if interested. However this blue colour whatsapp modifications isn’t accessible via google play store because its developer gave out an external link instead; please use at your own risk!

Features of Blue WhatsApp for Android

The best thing about this blue whatsapp download apk is that it has more features than the original app. The eye-catching color of its theme makes your phone look cooler and different from others! In addition, with these extra options available to you on Blue WhatsApp there’s no limits as far as what kind icon or background image that can adorn him/herself into being for those who love showing off their personalities through customization

The coolness factor will sky rocket when using our amazing messaging service; not only do we allow changing notifications but also icons such as ones used in opening messages (which now come equipped accordingly). And don’t forget all other aspects like storing data within conversations rather than having separate inboxes.

One of the best things about blue whatsapp mod apk is that you can use an iphone-style theme on your Android. You don’t have to be stuck with boring old interfaces anymore! Those who love this style will now be able to download it on their Android phone and enjoy features similar to those found in IOS! We know how much everyone loves IOS and its features: Blue whatsapp is a great way to get those same functions for them!  


As above I say that the blue color theme is an eye-catching color. But if you don’t like or get bored with it, then do not worry, simply change the theme from the setting and enjoy new one. Blue whatsapp is one of the most successful mods that has been introduced recently.


The latest Whatsapp update was announced and it is now available for all users. The new feature that has been added is the ability to change your status message to a custom one. For those who missed the notification, we’re here to help you find out how! 

What does this mean for you? Well, now you can turn off notifications without having to delete the app from your phone! You also have more control over what types of messages are sent directly to your phone so you don’t miss anything important.  So go ahead and download the update today.

There are some more features list: 

  • You can send a message at a time to all groups
  • Already told about background changing and can also change status font color
  • Auto reply feature is available, Go to “Blue Adds” then “Auto Reply”
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Longer status than 30 seconds up to 5 minutes
  • Change the launcher icon, notification icon
  • Add new Emoji’s
  • Ability to Share Large Files
  • Can hide your profile picture
  • Option to Hide and lock Chats
  • Ability to hide status online.

Blue Whatsapp Apk Anti ban function

This is a great app for all of you who want to have fun and get creative with your friends. It’s very easy-to use, too! The built-in anti ban feature means that even if it gets blocked due to any reason so, still it will work because of anti-ban feature. 

Is Blue whatsapp safe or not?

Yes, the blue WhatsApp is safe because many people are using it and they did not say that it’s unsafe. So you can also use advance feature of Blue WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends or loved ones without worrying about who might be listening in on their conversations! The data stored by this app never leaks onto Facebook – so there will be no risk.

Is Blue whatsapp for iphone?

Yes, it is available for iPhone and other ios devices also. You can download blue whatsapp from given direct link. Blue whatsapp ios download has more features than other chatting apps like telegram or line. People wants some new things and advance features in app also. So, they mostly like blue whatsapp plus!

Blue whatsapp for pc?

Yes, the blue whatsapp can be used on windows.

How to Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

  • Open file manager on your device and find the folder where Blue WhatsApp plus APK is saved.
  • Now click on the APK file and then install it.
  • Once the installation is complete. Log in with your phone number and verify it with the OTP.
  • Set up your newly installed Blue WhatsApp Plus and follow the instructions.


The blue whatsapp plus is famous in the world and people who wants more features in whatsapp then they can download blue whatsapp plus. Through blue whatsapp you can make longer status from seconds to mintues. There 5000 free theme. As above I told that through this app you can send a message to all groups at once and also can change the font style and color. Instead of wasting time in finding good chatting app you can download blue whatsapp plus.